(c) Djan Chu

(c) Djan Chu

Hi, I'm Cris Veit, and I work as an independent photo editor and designer.  

Since 2014 I offer consultations on long term documentary projects. I assist photographers to conceive of and develop visual narratives, from the choice of themes and the creation of a photographic script, to the final editing of the body of work.

This extremely stimulating and enriching work offers me the opportunity to constantly meet people with new ideas and fantastic projects, and to teach some of what I know, while learning more each day.   

From 2001 to 2013 I served as Art Director for National Geographic Brazil magazine, where I was responsible for the production of photographic material, always maintaining the high standard of quality for which the American publication is known.

During this period, the stories we produced received more than 20 awards for Best Edit, granted by the American team as the best material published among the 40 international editions of the magazine. For me the awards are the recognition of the Brazilian photojournalists’ capacity to tell relevant stories through moving and captivating images.

For a photographer to reach the spotlight today, it is crucial that she/he develops the ability to produce visual narratives with depth, and to perfect his or her photographic language, finding a unique and personal way to approach the chosen themes.

My formal education includes a diverse set of professional/scholarly environments. I graduated in Advertising from FAAP (São Paulo, 1987-1991). In 1993 I participated in Editora Abril’s course in Magazine Journalism, and from then on I went to work at various publications: I was the Designer and Art Editor for Capricho (1993-1996), served an internship at the magazine Joy, in Munich (July, 1995); lived and worked in London for a year as a freelance designer in the Corporate Presentations Office of Condé Nast (1996-1997). I also did art direction in CD-ROM for the production company, Trattoria di Frame (1997-1998), and returned to Abril, where I accepted a contract to work as the art director for the magazine, Placar (1998-2001), until being invited to serve as the Photography Editor and Art Director of National Geographic Brasil (2001-2013). During the 12 years I worked on the magazine, I had the privilege of professional partnerships with great Brazilian photographers, producing iconic material. I also had the huge satisfaction of discovering new talent in documentary photography, through lectures and workshops I gave at festivals, such as Foto em Pauta and Paraty em Foco, as well as a variety of photography schools.